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A Review Of Our Mac Edition
Bible Software Review

Bible Analyzer is a free, cross-platform Bible study and analysis software program developed to aid Believers in their study and defense of the Holy Scriptures. It has several features (such as text comparison, proximity searches, detailed statistics, etc.) usually not found in other free or commercial software programs.

The freeware Download Edition of Bible Analyzer is full-featured and without nag screens or time limits. A Portable Edition is also available. The Bible Analyzer Suite CD-Rom contains over 1200MB of valuable data and images plus 130+ modules are available from our Software Modules Page.

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Bible Analyzer's Newest Features, 4.9

Check These Unique Bible Software Features!

  • Search for Specific Individuals by ID instead of name (Requires AVp module).
  • Linked "Hotspots" in images.
  • Create Custom .pll Modules with the Harmony/Parallel Generator & Viewer
  • Use Related Search to find similiar verses
  • List Every Difference between two Bible texts
  • Show every verse where a word is omitted between two Bible texts
  • Show a complete word list of all the "Red-Letter" words of Christ with a count or of Search Results
  • Show a word frequency hit chart by book with every search
  • Find First Mention of all words in a verse
  • Do a multi-word Proximity Search between a range of verses
  • Do non-contiguous range searches
  • Search according to Strong's Numbers
  • Display Statistical and Numerical Data of any reference
  • Ability to customize Titlebar and/or Toolbar
Bible Study Software, freeware, free download, Parallel Generator, Harmony, Dedicated Reference Panel
AVp/ExLBP Features
What's New (Janurary 2015):
  • A. B. Simpson, The Christ in the Bible
  • Joseph Benson Commentary
  • The Preacher's Homiletic Commentary
  • Cambridge Bible For Schools & Colleges
  • AV People Search Bundle - Updated!
  • Spurgeon's Expositions on the Bible
  • NASB Bible w/Notes and References
  • The Dictionary of Bible Themes
  • McClintock & Strong's Cyclopedia
  • Commentary on the Scriptures, J. P. Lange
  • The Biblical Illustrator, Exell

    Free Collections
  • Wilbur Pickering NT w/Notes
  • Concise Commentary, Gray
  • Martyr's Mirror & Foxes Book of Martyrs
  • Complete KJB 1611 edition w/Headings, Marginal Notes, References, Italics, Special Characters, etc. (Exclusive!)
See our Modules Page for Details

Bible Analyzer free Image Viewer
Interactive Image Viewer

New v4.9 Study Features

  • A Bible Software First - Now individuals can be searched by a unique ID and not by name only (with AVp Bundle).
  • With the AVp Bundle all references to deity can be searched, including pronouns, opening up new search opportunities.
  • Unique Library Reference Index which will show Library title that contains the current verse. Also with a quick preview by Popup Window.
  • Ability to view comments by chapter context as well as by verse, with auto scrolling to verse.
  • See a three verse preview when the cursor is placed over Bible Tab when Ctrl key is pressed.
  • See Preview in Dictionary and Commentary Tabs when the cursor is over them with Ctrl pressed.

    More Features
  • New Session Manager which allows up to five different configurations of resources which can be loaded at any time.
  • New Virtual Multi-Row Tabs in Bible Dictionary, and Commentary Panels
  • Reworked Book Viewer. Can now access all titles through links under Books Tab as well as Master Control Panel menu. New volumes ability allows grouping of books.
  • Bible Reading Feature. Audio Bible files (.mp3, .wav) can be played in sync with the current chapter with verse highlighting and auto scrolling.
  • AV-Strongs Indexing Utility with New Strong's Dictionary with Complete AV Usage w/Links.
  • Harmony/Parallel Text Generator which can display .pll modules and generate consecutive and non-consecutive ranges of text in multiple columns.
  • Export Study Data to new MultiWindow with History. Can now view an entire study session in one place!
  • Dedicated Bible Cross-Reference Panel which shows the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge for the current verse (similar to a printed Bible). 
  • Generate a word list of Search Results that can be exported for a Related Search.
  • Strong’s numbers can be searched in combination with words.
  • Search contiguous and non-contiguous ranges.
  • Interlinear capability to view Greek/English Hebrew/English texts.
  • User Notes & Commentary Editor which allows the user to enter their own commentary linked to a specific verse, chapter, or book.
  • built-in word processor called ScripturePad that has the ability to open, save, and print .txt and .xml files and can receive exported verses or text selections from the right-click menu. 
Our goal with Bible Analyzer Software is to make your Study more
productive and rewarding. We offer it free with many valuable Free Modules
as well as low cost Premium Modules.

Reviews by Bible Analyzer Users:

Here’s an application that can do many interesting things, and that does them really well...In sum, Bible Analyzer is a well designed and powerful Bible application...I certainly recommend it.... Give it a try!
Rubén Gómez
Bible Software Review
Bible Analyzer has developed into a mature and easy to use application with depth for any user. There is extreme power "under the hood...."  I highly recommend it. "

Steve Sprague
Bible Teacher, Beta-Tester
[I am] absolutely amazed at the search and analysis side of the programme - it is absolutely brilliant. The complexity of the searches...and the speed with which the results are displayed is really awesome. It only took a couple of minutes to realise that I needed this programme.

Tony Dowden
United Kingdom
Not until discovering Bible Analyzer did I believe any other Bible program came close to e-sword with ease of operation, cleanness of presentation, functionality, and being such a beneficial tool...You have some truly unique and fantastic features for serious Bible students.
Sean Haller
Former Pastor and Teacher

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