Interlinear Viewer
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The Interlinear Viewer will display the current chapter of the Bible Panel in an interlinear format using the original language.



When the Interlinear Button is clicked in the Bible Toolbar the current chapter will display in the Interlinear Viewer using the Hebrew Westminister Leningrad Codex if it is Old Testament or the Greek Textus Receptus if it is New Testament regardless of the current Bible tab selected.

To update the display to the current chapter in the Bible panel simply click the Interlinear Button again.

Viewing Data

When the shift key is held down and the cursor is placed over a Strong's Number or Morphology Code a popup will display the corresponding data. When clicked, the data will display in the Dictionary Panel.

For the Strong's and Morphology data to display a Word Study Bundle (available from the Bible Analyzer Store) must be installed and active.



The Options Menu in the Display allows various rows of data to be shown or hidden. The original language text will always be shown.