Audio Player
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The first Tab in the Audio/Quiz Panel is Audio/Hymn Player.

The Pin Button immediately above the tabs will Hide/Show the column of tabs, making the display area larger.


The Player can play .mid, .mp3, .wav, and .wma audio files.

Playing Audio/Hymns

The Player comes with a selection of quality midi hymns. To play a hymn, verify the current folder is the dedicated hymn folder by pressing the H button, then simply click the title and click the Play Button. Click Stop to stop playback.

Multiple selections can be made to create a play list. The files will play consecutively.

Playing Sermons and other Audio Files

The Audio Player has a dedicated Sermon folder which can be accessed by clicking the S button. Any other folder can be accessed by clicking the Browse Button. After the titles are loaded select one or more and click Play.


Play All From First Selected will play the first selected title and all titles afterwards.

The Pause Button will pause playback. Press again to play.

The Seek Slider will allow the current position of a playing or paused file to be advanced to any position in the file.