Dual Bible Viewer
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The eighth Tab in the Master Control Panel is Dual Bible View.


Dual Bible View is used to view two Bible texts (or different sections of the same text) simultaneously.

·    When going in Dual Mode the windows will arrange so that the main Bible is on the upper left and the Dual Bible on the upper right and also expand the two windows to fill the application window.

·    The left Bible Tree in the Master Control Panel will control the left window pane. The right Bible Tree will control the right pane.

·    To select a text to view, simply select the chapter as with the Bible Tree in the main Bible Analyzer window. The Bible text to view is selected in the Drop-Down Box below the corresponding Bible Tree. The display will be updated when a different text is selected.

·    While in Dual Mode the windows scroll together when scrolling with the Dual Window. One can scroll the main Bible Window independently. This way one can still see two different places on the pages.

·    Dual Mode can also be enabled from the Bible Panel Toolbar.

The Sync Button will synchronize the right Bible Tree to the chapter in the left Bible Tree and update the display accordingly.

When first selected the left pane of Dual Bible View will synchronize with the text displayed from the main Bible Tree in the main Bible Analyzer window.

Word/Strong Mutual highlighting can be see with Bible texts in Dual View. See Word/Strong Indication.