Quick Find Entry
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Bible Analyzer has a combination Quick Find Entry that allows an entered reference or search results to be displayed.

It is located by default in a Toolbar at the top of the application. Like other toolbars, it can be repositioned.


This "smart" single entry box acts as input for both quick Bible searches or Bible reference lookup. It determines the mode by parsing the entered data.

When a character is entered a Suggestion Menu will display showing Bible books and words starting with the character. With each added character the display will update.

If the Enter key is pressed the highlighted item will be selected and the appropriate action taken for the selection. If a Bible reference, the reference will be displayed in the Bible Panel. If a Bible word the word will be searched for and the results displayed in the Results panel.

If a digit is entered, even after a single character, the Entry will attempt to match a Bible chapter with books beginning with the letter as seen below.


If a period or colon is placed between digits the Suggestion Menu will display the entry as chapter and verse. Thus if r4.5 is entered, 4:5 will be displayed after every Bible book (if valid).

If the digit surpasses the range of and displayed book, the entry will only display the greatest valid reference, as in Ruth 4: above.

If the user does not want to use the Suggestion Menu, entering a single space before any character will disable it.

If a digit is entered alone the entry will attempt to display that verse in the current chapter. If digits separated by a period or colon are entered, the Suggestion Menu will display that chapter and verse in the current book (if valid).

If non sequential Bible book abbreviations are entered (such as mt for Matthew), the Suggestion Menu will not display, but when the Enter Key is pressed the Entry will attempt to parse the abbreviation and display the entered reference in the Bible Panel.

Quick Search utilizes the standard Every Word Search method in the Master Control. Here are some usage examples,

born again - will hit if each word is in a verse.
"born again
- (one or two quotes) will hit on the exact phrase.
"born again" kingdom
- will hit on phrase and word in verse.

All entries are retained for later use. Use the drop-down arrow to access.

For much more comprehensive Bible searching, use Advanced Bible Search feature in the Master Control Panel.