Why is Bible Analyzer Free?
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Not boasting of things...of other men's labours; (2Co 10:15 AV)

During the recent years encompassing this modern Computer Age, some of the most time honored and valuable resources to aid in studying the Bible have been laboriously converted into electronic format and placed into the public domain. These electronic texts not only include Bibles such as the pure and enduring King James Version of 1611, but also valuable Bible dictionaries, commentaries, topical indexes, charts, guides, and the like. There has been literally thousands of "man-hours" involved not only in the original authors preparing these texts, but also in the current generation converting them for use with computers. As a result the public has with little labor of its own free access to the immense labor of others.

With the advent of the modern computer access to these reams of material is only a mouse click away. Where in the past one would have to consult a substantial library and wade through dozens of hefty references to do research, today all one needs is a computer and an application to provide and access the data. This is where Bible Analyzer comes in.

Your author has spent many, many hours in the development of Bible Analyzer and its related material. However, the value of the program is not inherent in itself. It is in the texts it analyzes; especially the Bible texts. Without these precious Bible texts, authored and preserved by God, Bible Analyzer would be only a worthless shell. Therefore, we have decided to offer Bible Analyzer to the Christian community completely free.

...Freely ye have received, freely give. (Mat 10:8 AV)

A main theme that can be found throughout the Scriptures is the concept of free. Adam was freely offered access to the Tree of Life (Gen 2:16), Jesus Christ freely gave His truth and His life for mankind (Joh 8:36), and man will be freely offered the Water of Life in the future (Rev 22:17). Thus freely giving is a godly endeavor.

In an attempt to share in this spirit and to aid believers and ministries in their service for the Lord, we are providing our application Bible Analyzer by download free of charge. It is not crippled, time-limited, or encumbered with annoying nag-screens. It is the same application we offer in our Bible Analyzer Suite CD-Rom.

Bible Analyzer is still copyrighted to protect its purpose, but the download package found on BibleAnalyzer.com may be personally distributed by like-minded individuals or organizations.

To help cover our expenses and aid further development, there is a nominal charge for our Bible Analyzer Suite CD-Rom and premium modules in our store, which includes hundreds of megabytes of Bible data, and other material, but the Bible Analyzer application by download from www.BibleAnalyzer.com is completely free.