Book/Article Viewer
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The ninth Tab on the Master Control Panel is the Book/Article Viewer


The Book/Article Viewer displays slightly modified HTML files placed in the proper SQLite database format (.bk extention). See Module Creation Tools for details on how to create them.

Viewing Texts

To open the Book Titles List click the Toolbar Button or press F3. The List is under a Tab in the Master Control Panel. To view a text select a chapter under the Title. Single chapter book have a Contents chapter.

By default the Book Text will display under a dedicated (the second) Tab in the Results Display.

By changing the option in Preferences, the text can alternatively be displayed in a stand-alone window.

If a text contain links to images (i.e. Dispensational Truth), click the Back Button (arrow) on the Toolbar to return to the page from an image.

Searching Texts

Book/Article Texts can be searched as with Commentaries and Dictionaries. See the Library Search Tab in Master Control Panel for details.

The Bible Analyzer Suite CD-Rom contains a multitude of valuable texts that total many thousands of pages. To view a resource simply select the book name from the top Book List, and if the Title contains chapters, they will display in the Chapter List.

Searching Library Texts

The displayed Book can be searched using the search entry near the bottom. Enter a search word or phrase and click Search. The Chapters where the Search Word is found will be displayed in the Chapter List. When selecting a Chapter, the display will scroll to the first instance of the Search query in the chapter. To reset the display and show all the chapters again, click the Chapters Button.

Making Custom Library Texts

See Module Creation Tools