Overview of Bible Analyzer
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Bible Analyzer 4
Comprehensive Bible Study and Analysis Software
for Microsoft Windows & Linux/Ubuntu

Copyright 2010, Timothy S. Morton

Morton Publications
2101 Morton Rd. Sutton, West Virginia, 26601, USA

Bible Analyzer was developed to address Bible study and analysis in areas that are essentially untouched among other Bible software programs. There are several Bible applications available that do an excellent job of searching Bible texts and various references such as lexicons, commentaries, etc., but there are none to our knowledge that attempt some of the features found in Bible Analyzer.

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About Morton Publications

Bible Analyzer is produced by Bible Believing Christians who believe the word of God still exists today in pure form and is available in the Authorized King James Version of 1611. For more information on our position visit our website, http://www.preservedwords.com or email us at morton1611@preservedwords.com.