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This Tab allows the user to change Bible Analyzer Preferences.


Default Dictionary

Default Commentary

Default Strong's

Default Popup Text

Select from these lists the default Dictionary, Commentary, Strong's, and Bible Popup text. These are the texts that will display in the MultiWindow (if checked, see below) when the user clicks on a word (Dictionary) or reference (Commentary) or Strong's Number in the Bible Panel. 

The popup text will be the Bible text that displays when the cursor is over a reference.

Show Dct/Cmt in MultiWindow
Will cause the respective results to be displayed in the separate MultiiWindow. Results will still be available in the respective Dictionary and/or Commentary Windows.

Use MultiWindow When Bible is Expanded

If the Bible Panel is expanded the MultiWindow behaves as if the Show Dictionary/Commentary in MultiWindow option is selected. That is, if a verse is left-clicked, the definition of the word under the cursor will be displayed in the MultiWindow. If the Ctrl key is down when the verse is clicked, the default commentary for the verse will be displayed.

Show Red Letters

Will show the words of Christ in red in the Authorized Version and some others.

Show Dictionary Topics List

Show Commentary Verse List

Will show the respective Word/Verse List on the right side of the Window.

Because of the huge size of some of the lists (especially some of the Commentary lists), if this feature is checked, there may be a slight delay while Bible Analyzer loads each list.

Show Bible Chapter Summary

Will show a short chapter summary an the top of the Bible Text Panel.

Show Tips at Startup

Will show the Tips Dialog at startup.

Show Books/Articles in Separate Window

Checking this box will cause the Books or Articles to display in a stand-alone window instead of under the Tab in the Results Panel.

Show Date and Quote at Startup

Will show the date and quote in SpripturePad at startup.

Load Last Saved S-Pad File at Startup

Will load and display the last saved .xml ScripturePad file at Bible Analyzer start.

Show Full References in Bible Window

Will show full references (Joh 3:16) in Bible Window instead of just the verse number.

Save all MultiWindow Pages in History

Every page that is displayed in the MultiWindow will be saved in History. Normally only exported pages are saved.

Maximum Popup Verse Range

will set the maximum number of verses in a popup. If the reference span is larger than the range, there will be a cont... at the end.

All settings will be saved when Save is clicked.