Proximity Search
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The second Tab in the Master Control Panel is Bible Proximity Search.


This powerful search method will search for words separated by a specified number of verses.

To search,

·    Select the Book Search Range (Entire Bible is default). Non-contiguous ranges can be entered. See Advanced Bible Search
·    Enter a Primary Word in the top entry box
·    Enter Secondary Word(s) in the second box
·    Select the maximum Verse Range between words in the third box (3 is default)
·    Uncheck Whole if searching for partial words (checked by default)

Bible Analyzer will display under a new Prox Tab in the Results Panel the first instance where the secondary word(s) is within the specified range of the primary word.

In the Results Panel display both the Primary and Secondary words will be highlighted in bold and a different color. Also, the verse with the Primary Word will have a light red shading. The verse(s) with the Secondary Words will have a yellow shade.

To find the Next instance click the >> button near the bottom of the control. The << will show the Previous match. All matches will display under the same Prox Tab.

If a range of 3 verses is entered, a seven verse span of verses will be displayed with the verse containing the primary word in the center. If a range of 1 is entered, three verses will be displayed, etc.

Along with the results Bible Analyzer will also display in
Master Control Panel some information such as the match verse, distance between words, match count, and present match index in the Proximity Display

The user can still left-click an underlined reference in the 
Results Panel to display the verse in context.

To speed up proximity searches put the least common word in the Primary box and the more common words in the Secondary. That way Bible Analyzer will not have to search as long to get all the matches.