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Bible Analyzer Platforms NEW!Version 5.5  December 2022
Now available for Windows & Macintosh!

Bible Analyzer
Windows 7-11, MacOS 10.15-13.1, Ubuntu 18.04-20.04
Why Bible Analyzer?
  • Easy Bible Searching
  • Easy Passage Finding
  • Easy Parallel Bible Viewing
  • Easy Bible Highlighting
  • Easy Text-To-Speech
  • Easy Addition of Titles
  • Easy Adding of Notes
  • Easy Layout Changing
  • Easy Advanced Features

Bible Analyzer
is a free, cross-platform, Bible study software program developed to aid Believers in the reading, study, and defense of the Holy Scriptures. It is easy to use; even the advanced features. Features include,

  • Easily search for a word, words, or phrase with a handy suggestion box, plus several advanced searching capabilities.
  • View a Unique Interactive Hit Chart of all the Search Results.
  • Quickly Navigate to any Passage through the Quick Entry or Bible Tree.
  • A Dedicated Verse Index Panel that shows, with a Preview, every Title in the Library with the Active Verse.
  • A Dedicated Cross-Reference Panel for our Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Enhanced, with Preview.
  • Export Various Study Pages to the Unique MultiWindow to Edit, Save, and Reload Study Sessions.
  • Built in Syncronized Bible Reading Using Text-To-Speech. Hear the words through your speakers!
  • Add your Notes to any Book, Chapter, and Verse — with Export.
  • Plus an Interactive Image Viewer, Daily Journal, Devotion Viewer, ScripturePad Text Editor, and More
  • Hundreds of Free and Premium Titles available through the Built-in Download Manager.
See in Only 4 Minutes How Bible
Can Help Your Bible Study!

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Bible Analyzer is completely free with no trial features or nag screens. Over 100 free high quality add-on modules are available plus 100 more Premium Titles. All available for immediate download from within Bible Analyzer. Download Bible Analyzer Today and TRY IT OUT!

Bible Analyzer has been awarded 4.5 out of 5 stars at

Reviews by Bible Analyzer Users:
Here’s an application that can do many interesting things, and that does them really well...In sum, Bible Analyzer is a well designed and powerful Bible application...I certainly recommend it.... Give it a try!
Rubén Gómez
Bible Software Review
Bible Analyzer has developed into a mature and easy to use application with depth for any user. There is extreme power "under the hood...."  I highly recommend it. "

Steve Sprague
Bible Teacher, Beta-Tester
[I am] absolutely amazed at the search and analysis side of the programme - it is absolutely brilliant. The complexity of the searches...and the speed with which the results are displayed is really awesome. It only took a couple of minutes to realise that I needed this programme.

Tony Dowden
United Kingdom
Not until discovering Bible Analyzer did I believe any other Bible program came close to e-sword with ease of operation, cleanness of presentation, functionality, and being such a beneficial tool...You have some truly unique and fantastic features for serious Bible students.
Sean Haller
Former Pastor and Teacher

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