Bible Analyzer Key Features

Below are some of the key features of Bible Analyzer Software with screenshots and video. For a complete list of features, capabilities and usage, see the User Manual page.

Bible Analyzer Main Screen (with Alternative Column Layout)

Short Tutorial Videos

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Flexible Layout System

Bible Analyzer has a very flexible panel layout system. Panels can be resized by dragging the dividing sash, also they can be undocked or floated and then redocked to form entirely new layouts. There are several preset layouts available under the Toolbar L Button.

Navigating Around

There are multiple ways to get to a specific Bible chapter or verse, from the Quick Entry to the Bible Tree. Also, there are keyboard shortcuts and Bible Panel links. Clicking a linked reference in any page will make it the current verse and update the Bible Panel.

Multiple Ways To Search

Bible Analyzer has a Quick Search feature using the Quick Entry in the main Toolbar. Simply begin typing a word to view a list of words starting with the characters. For advance searches use the Master Control Panel where many options are available.

In addition to Bible searches, all other library titles can be searched as well with a convenient Tree display, with preview.

The Reference Panel

The Reference Panel is a small and unique sub-panel of the Bible Panel. It contains three tabs with a wealth of data in each one. The Index tab shows every loaded title that contains a reference to the Current Verse with a popup preview. The TSKe tab contains all the cross-references to our own Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Enhahced resource which has 100,000s more references than the original, each viewable on mouseover or click.

Scripture Pad & User Notes

ScripturePad is Bible Analyzer's built-in word processor. Besides doing the typical editing functions like Bold, italic, paragraph layout, etc., it will also receive verse text exported by right-click and make live links of entered or pasted Bible references. Pages are saved in the common HTML format and can be opened in any browser.

The User Notes can be linked to any Bible verse, chapter, or book. An indicator is visible in all Bible verses with a note and can be easily viewed with a quick mouseover and opened on click.


The MultiWindow does several things as its name suggests. It is the home of the AV/Strong Indexer where an English word can be entered and every original word it is translated from is listed. It is also the receiver of exported pages from the main panels and all exported pages can be merged and saved as a study group to be reopened later. It can even play audio of Bible verses!

Harmony/Parallel Generator

The Harmony/Parallel Generator is a unique display for creating and saving parallel columns of Bible text. It can also display pre-made .pll files (many are included) of gospel harmonies, passage comparisons, the Lord's prayers, miracles, commands, questions, etc. Plus OT quotes in the NT, Key Bible Topics, and many more.

Synchronized Bible Audio

With certain King James Version audio sets (Scourby, Mimms, Johnson, etc.), Bible audio can be played synced with the Bible text. Audio can be started on any verse and can even play non-contiguous verse lists from search results or in the MultiWindow!

Interactive Image Viewer

The Image Viewer can display images from image modules available through the Download Manager. Images such as maps, charts, and even Christian cartoons can be easily installed. User images can also be installed.

The Image Viewer does not only display images, it is also interactive. Certain images have hot spots, and when the cursor is over one a Bible passage, note or even another image can be displayed. Click the image for an example.

Advanced Concept Filter

The Advanced Concept Filter is another unique tool. It will filter any list of normal search results (or the entire Bible) according to category. A category is composed of Bible words of a similar theme (like how hour, day, month, year, generation, etc. represents the category Time). Dozens of categories are included and custom categories can be added. This allows some highly specialized searches to be made.

Word Lists and Statistics

Bible Analyzer can generate various word lists and statistical data from any Bible text.

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