Advanced Concept Filter
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The Advanced Concept Filter is a powerful and unique tool for filtering search results and verse lists for predefined terms under editable topics.


The Advanced Concept Filter can be accessed by clicking the ACF Button in the Results Toolbar or by right-clicking in the Bible Panel and Selecting the Concept Filter Menu.


When opened the Advanced Concept Filter will be populated with a verse list in the left display. When any of the topics are checked in the right Topics List the verse list will be updated to only contain verse that have any of the terms under that topic.

Multiple topics can be checked in the Topics List.

Managing/Editing Topics

The terms under each topic can be viewed and edited by right clicking on a topic.


Terms can be added, deleted, and modified. When Save is clicked the Advanced Concept Filter is immediately updated.

By default all terms are partial strings. That is, they search for terms that begin with the string. If this results in false hits a dash ("-") can be entered after the string to indicate the term should be treated as a whole word. Terms ending with a dash, like "ant-" in the image above, will only hit on "ant." Otherwise "ant" with out the "-" stop character would hit on any longer word starting with "ant." 

Advanced Concept Filter Buttons

The following Buttons are available in Advanced Concept Filter:

·    Export
This will bring an Export Dialog which allows exporting the verse lists in various formats.

·    OT, Both, NT
These button will load the Old Testament, Entire Bible, and New Testament into the Verse List Display.

·    New
This will bring up a dialog for the creation of a new topic with terms.