Session Manager
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The Session Manager will allow the selection of up to six different resource combinations of Bibles, Dictionaries, Commentaries, and Books. This allows the user to load a custom resource configuration for various types of study or text viewing/reading. The combinations can be loaded at any time without restarting Bible Analyzer.

Another advantage of using the Session Manager is it can speed up program starting and use if many titles are available. If a user has many titles or modules, loading them all at startup can cause a slight delay. Selecting a smaller group of titles for that session will noticeably speed up program start and usage.

The Session Manager can be opened by selecting the entry from the Control Menu, pressing the Ctrl+M keys, or by right-clicking on a Bible, Dictionary, or Commentary tab and selecting Open Session Manager.

The first tab of the Session Manager will select all available modules for loading into Bible Analyzer. It cannot be modified.



The use, select a tab other than the first and check/uncheck the modules to display for that session.

The titles are sorted by type by default but can also be sorted by Tab Name, Description, and Checked State by clicking the Column Header. The titles can also be filtered by entering characters in the Search Entry.

The Tab Titles can be changed by clicking the Rename Button.

At least one Dictionary and one Commentary must be selected in each session before the Session can be loaded or Saved.

The Authorized Version Bible module must be available for Bible Analyzer to start, thus it is not available among the Bibles to deselect.

Once the sessions are configured, pressing the Load / Save button will load the currently selected session and save all the sessions. When Bible Analyzer is restarted the last loaded session will be restored.

The user can seamlessly switch between sessions at any time.