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A user can build web pages that include special links which will open Bible Analyzer and perform certain tasks. These pages can be run on a local computer, local network, or posted on the internet. They can be useful, especially to Bible teachers, for referencing Bible verses, searches, verse lists, and various resource pages.

Basic Link Format

bibleanalyzer://[action type](+optional title)/[entry]

Spaces in links should not be used. Either use the underscore (_) or HTML space (%20) in their place.

Examples of the Available Link Actions and Formatting.

Bible References

References can select the current, active verse in Bible Analyzer. The translation ('+av') is optional. Book abbreviations should match the standard three character abbreviations Bible Analyzer uses. Either

Selects Gen 3.15 in AV

Selects John 3.16 in ASV

Bible Verse List

A list of verses can be sent to the Multiwindow in Bible Analyzer. The translation ('+av') is optional.

Generates list containing Rom 3:22, 10:3; 2Co 5:21; Col 1:22

Bible Search

A single word, list of words, or phrase can be searched for in Bible Analyzer. Wildcards (*?) can be used.

Search for "mercy"

Search for "born" and "again"

Search for phrase "born again"

Dictionary Topic

Will open the topic in the stated dictionary.

Show "Affinity" topic in KJ-Wordbook

Show "G25" topic in Strong's Dictionary

Commentary Comment

Will open the comment in the stated commentary.

Show "Jam 5:20" comment in OVC

Book Chapter

Show "Justification" chapter in "More Than Forgiven"

Sample Test Page

This page, www.bibleanalyzer.com/links-demo.html
contaiins the above links in a live web page allowing the user to see how they work. Simply click a link to open/raise Bible Analyzer and run the specified action.

The linking system will only work with the installed Windows edition of Bible Analyzer. Only the normal setup installation registers the URL protocols with the system to allow the linking. The Portable installation does not.