Module Creation Tools
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Bible Analyzer includes some experimental module tools. They can be accessed from the Tools Menu.


Module Creator

The Module Creator will create a Bible Analyzer module from properly formatted text. Modules are based on the SQLite database format and this utility will make the necessary tables and data needed to create the database.

For instructions on how to make the raw texts see Formatting Raw Texts.

To create a module:

1.   Select the module type you wish to create.
2.   Select the formatted text file for the module type.
3.   Enter the text you wish to appear on the tab within Bible Analyzer (i.e. AV).
4.   Enter the text you wish to appear in the title area of the module display (i.e. Authorized King James Version)
5.   Enter the text for the module information. Basic HTML can be used in this entry.
6.   Click Create.

After a few seconds (if all goes well and the text was properly formatted) the module will be created and placed in the corresponding folder. Restart Bible Analyzer and the newly created module will appear.

If Module Creator says a module was successfully made but it does not show up in Bible Analyzer after a restart or is malformed, there is likely a formatting error in the text file.


Convert XML

This conversion feature will convert certain XML formatted texts into the raw format Bible Analyzer Module Creator can compile. At present only certain Zefania Bible files can be converted.

To use:

1.   Select the Zefania XML Bible file (must be a Latin based text such as English, Spanish, etc. Hebrew, Greek and other non Latin texts are not yet supported)
2.   Click Create

The raw text file will be found in the same folder with the .txt extention where it can be checked for proper format and accessed for conversion with Module Creator.

Other XML formats may be added in the future.