Bible Statistics
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The sixth Tab in the Master Control Panel is Bible Statistics Search.


This search method will display various Bible Text Statistics

Data by Sequence

This feature will find every verse, word, and even letter in relation to a number you enter and then cycle according to a second number you enter after single space. A starting verse can also be entered (Gen 1:1 is default).

·    In the first box enter the desired Start Verse
·    In the second box enter the Sequence Interval. This is how far the verses, words, or letters are apart.
·    In the last box enter the Sequence Cycles. This is how many times the interval will cycle.
·    Select the Sequence Option desired.

For instance, an entry of 25 in the second box and 10 in the third will find the 25th item in the version you select and then cycle 10 times to find the 50th item, 75th item, etc., until the limit is reached. Each item and its number will be displayed.

[The value of this type of search is unknown to the author, but it is interesting to play with.]

If you just want to find a verse by an arbitrary number, simply enter 1 as the last number, such as, 777 and 1. This will find the 777th verse.

Verses by Numerical Sum

This feature will search for verses that match an entered numerical sum of the letters. Each letter of the alphabet is given a number i.e. a=1, b=2...z=26 and then the numbers are added together to form a verse sum.

Enter the desired number to match in the box and click Analyze. The list of matching verses (if any) will be displayed.

Verses by Count(s)

This function will display verses according to various word, letter, and vowel counts. A number can be entered in one, two, or all three boxes for a search.

·    Enter number of desired words in the first box
·    Enter number of desired letters in the second box.
·    Enter number of desired vowels in the third box.

Any boxes left empty will be ignored. The verses will display in the Results Window.

Various Stats of Verse/Range

This will display statistical details of the entered book, chapter, verse, or range. Simple enter the reference or range and click Analyze.

If a verse is enteredt he display will show:

The Verse, Words, Complex Words, Syllables, Letters, Vowels, Consonants, Phrases,
Sentences, Italics, Avg. Word Length, Reading Grade Level (according to the Flesch-Kincaid score), Verse Index, Verses To End, and Numerical Sum.

If a book or chapter is entered, the verse specific details are omitted.

Curious Stats of Book/Range

This function will find some interesting statistics concerning the book or chapter. Enter a book or chapter and Bible Analyzer will reveal the shortest verse, longest verse, middle verse, and middle five words of the reference.

Various Stats of all Bibles

This feature will count several details of the book, chapter, or verse you enter. It will count the chapters, verses, sentences, words, letters, questions, phrases, italics, and red-letters and display the results in a table. (Italics and red-letter counts are not available in all texts.)

If you want to find the Verse Stats and Stats Table of the entire Bible simply enter Bible in the entry box. But be forewarned, such an extensive search can take many seconds depending on the speed of your computer.

Also, as with Word List above you can enter, OT for Old Testament; NT for New Testament; and Christ for all the red-letter words of Christ (Christ is not applicable in Verse Stats).