Bible Word Lists
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The fifth Tab in the Master Control Panel is Bible Word List Search.


Search Ranges

The first option for is the range of text to be searched. Bible Analyzer can search both contiguous and non-contiguous ranges of a text.

The Search Methods are:

Word List or Reference

Enter a book, chapter, and even verse reference to view each word found and a count. For instance, entering Joh will list and count every word in the whole book of John, Joh 5: will list for the chapter, and Joh 5:5 will list for the verse.

Don't forget to put the colon (:) after the chapter number so the search will be limited to that chapter. If Joh 2 is entered without the colon, John chapters 20, 21, and 22 would also be included.

In the options you can choose to sort the list by Word or Frequency.

Enter Bible to get a word list of the entire Bible; OT for Old Testament; NT for New Testament; and Christ for all the red-letter words of Christ.

Word Occurrences by Book

Enter a single word to view a count of the word's occurrences in each Bible book.

Books with zero instances will be omitted from the results. The results will be shown with a bar chart representing the relative amount of hits in each book followed by all the references with the word listed according to book. The book(s) with the most hits will have a slightly darker shade in the chart.

In the options you can choose to sort the list by Word or Frequency.

The results will also display a chart that lists the hit frequency by book.

Word Form

This function will count every word form from a partial word entry from the beginning, within, or at the end of a word. It will produce a list containing each word, the number of times it is found, and each reference.

For instance, entering jud will find Juda, Jude, judge, etc.

Use the options to select where in the word you wish to match. Select the translation you desire.

List of Capital Letters

This will extract all the capital letters from a range and display them as a string.

Verses With Same Reference

This will show all the verses that have the same chapter and verse reference. For instance, entering 3:16 will show that reference in all Bible books (if it exists).