Cloud Sync
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This Tab allows the user to manage the Cloud Sync Options.


Certain Bible Analyzer settings can be synced across devices using "cloud" based systems such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive and others.

How To Use

To use, click the "Select Folder" Button to select a folder that is normally synced to the "cloud" using your system of choice, and ensure the "Sync to Cloud" Button is checked.

It is highly recommended that you create a subfolder under your main synced folder for the settings.

Once the folder is selected, the settings files will be saved to the synced "cloud" folder and can be read by any other Bible Analyzer 5.4 or later installation synced to the same folder.

For best results each instance of Bible Analyzer using the cloud sync feature should have the same modules installed.

When Sync to Cloud is selected and there are already settings data in the synced folder from another Bible Analyzer installation, the option will be given to reload the current installation with the remote settings or retain the current settings. Regardless, when the current installation is closed, its settings will replace the remote, synced folder settings.


Setting that define the size and layout of windows (and other setting local in scope) are not read from the synced folder. They are read from the local settings files to retain size and layout for the current device.