Text to Speech
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This Tab allows the user to manage the Text to Speech Options.


Startup Options

·    Custom Greeting - speaks the text entered in the Custom Greeting Entry Box.
·    Random Verse - speaks a random verse from the book of Proverbs.
·    No Speech - No text is spoken.

Select Default Voice

If more than one voice is installed, this menu is used to set the default voice.

It is recommended the user install additional voices if possible. For Windows XP Microsoft Mary and Microsoft Mike are freely available. They are considered by many more pleasing than the default Microsoft Sam. To our knowledge Microsoft does not offer additional voices for Windows Vista and Windows 7. However, voices can be obtained from other sources. Check the Bible Analyzer Forum for more information.

Speech Volume

Speech Rate

Move slider to adjust the speech volume or speaking rate.

Skip Reference When Speaking

Check this box to skip Bible references when speaking.