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This Tab allows the user to change Bible Analyzer Preferences.


Default Dictionary

Default Commentary

Default Strong's

Default Popup Bible

Default Strong's Popup Resource

Select from these lists the default Dictionary, Commentary, Strong's, and Bible Popup Bible. These are the texts that will display in the MultiWindow (if checked, see below) when the user clicks on a word (Dictionary) or reference (Commentary) or Strong's Number in the Bible Panel. 

The popup Bible will be the Bible text that displays when the cursor is over a reference.

The Strong's Popup Resource is the Strong's enhanced dictionary that will display in a popup preview when the cursor is over a Strong's Number

Paragraph Scheme

For Bible texts that do not have paragraph markers (pilcrows), select the paragraph scheme to use to display the Bible in Paragraph View.

Additional Folder Path

Enter or Browse for a path to another location for module files, such as another drive or folder. Bible Analyzer will search the selected folder and all sub-folders for module files on start.