Options II
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This Tab allows the user to change Bible Analyzer Preferences.


Use Double-Click

Will require a left mouse button double-click instead of a single-click to perform mouse actions in the Bible, Commentary, and Dictionary panels. When enabled, to change the Current Reference the user must double-click on the reference; ditto to change the Current Word.

Bible Analyzer must be restarted to activate the change.

Show Red Letters

Will show the words of Christ in red in the Authorized Version and some others.

Make Italics Gray

Will show the italics in the Bible Panel in gray color.

Show Bible Chapter/Section Headings

Show chapter/section headings if available for Bible

Show Bible Chapter Summary

Will show a short chapter summary an the top of the Bible Text Panel.

Show Books in Separate Window

Checking this box will cause the Books or Articles to display in a stand-alone window instead of under the Tab in the Results Panel.

Show Date and Quote at Startup

Will show the date and quote in SpripturePad at startup.

Load Last Saved ScripturePad File at Startup

Will load and display the last saved .xml ScripturePad file at Bible Analyzer start.

Share AV Markup Between Editions

Will cause user markup made in the AV show up in the AVs and AVp Bibles as well.

Single Search Results Tab

Will cause all search results to display in the same tab in the Results Panel.

Hit frequency Chart In Search Results

Will display the Hit frequency Chart in search results.

Show Full References in Bible Window

Will show full references (Joh 3:16) in Bible Window instead of just the verse number.

Maximum Popup Verse Range

Will set the maximum number of verses in a popup. If the reference span is larger than the range, there will be a cont... at the end.

All settings will be saved when Save is clicked.