Proximity Search
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The second Tab in the Master Control Panel is Contextual Words Search.
These seven powerful search methods will search for two or more words within a specified context group or specified number of verses.


Search Range

For information about search ranges, see Search Range under Advanced Bible Search

Context Search Method

The Context Search Method option is used to select the context range for the search. For instance, if Chapter is selected the search will look within each chapter (within the selected range) for the entered words. The number of context groups is listed within parenthesis.

If AV Paragraph is selected the search will only return results where all words are within a AV Paragraph.

The two Alt. Paragraph methods have on average smaller paragraphs resulting in more context groups.

The Within Verse method will find where the words are all in a single verse.

The Within Phrase method will only return results were all the words are within a single phrase within a verse. A phrase is defined as the words between punctuation marks or the end of a verse.

The Proximity Search method will find all instances where the words are with a specific verse range. The first entered word will be considered the primary word. That is, it will be the anchor word which the other words are measured from. The verse range is entered in the Verse Range Entry.

For instance, if mercy, grace, and peace are entered, grace and peace must be within the specified number of verses from the verse mercy is in.

The actual search range will be the entered value times 2 plus 1. Thus if a range of 3 verses is entered, a 7 verse span of verses will be searched. This is necessary to get the range before and range after the anchor verse. If a range of 1 is entered, 3 verses will be searched.

Bible Analyzer's Proximity Search is a true proximity search. That is, it will find all words within the specified range regardless of position. If one word is found before the anchor verse and another word is after, it will be found.

Search results will be displayed in a new tab in the Results Panel starting with a CS prefix.


The options with Contextual Search are,

·    Case Sensitive
Searches for words with case sensitivity

·    Whole Word
Search for the full word. When unchecked partial word hits are possible.

·    Use Word Roots
Will attempt to search using the root of the entered words to maximize hits.

·    Display Compressed Results
Will only display the results that have an entered word in the verse. Verses without hits will be omitted with an indicator inserted to show how many verses are omitted.