Related Verse Search
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The third Tab in the Master Control Panel is Related Verse Search.


Related Verse Search allows the user to enter a verse and use selected words and phrases as a basis for a search. Word lists can also be exported to Related Verse Search from the MultiWindow

How to Search

Upon opening, Related Verse Search will display the current Bible reference in the Verse Entry Box. To enter a different verse type the reference and press the Enter key or click Go. The Verse List Box will be updated with words from the verse.

By default the verse will be displayed in three word phases. The number of words in a phrase can be changed (1-5) with the Words control on the upper right. The Phrases Display will update on change 

From the Phrases Display check the words/phrases to be used as search criteria then click Search. The results will be displayed in the Results Panel as references.


If the Show Verses search link is clicked, the results will be displayed as a normal search under a new tab in the Results Panel. As in other windows, verse popups can be displayed when under the mouse cursor.

Search Options

If the option Use Root Words (Stemming) is checked, Bible Analyzer will attempt to search for phrases using root words. For example, righteous* will be searched if righteousness is in the phrase.

The Show Verses (Single Word Only) option will be available if only a single word is selected with the Words control. If checked, the display will show the entire verses (like a normal search) instead of only the references.

Related Verse Search can be opened and a verse entered from the right-click context menu when clicking on a verse.