Right-Click Context Menu
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Right Click on Text

The Right-Click or Context Menu of Bible Analyzer has shortcuts to several key features.


When right-clicking on an on a word or reference in nearly any Panel certain menu options are available,
·    Text of Current Verse can be copied directly to the clipboard (AV).
·    The selected verse can be exported to ScripturePad (S-Pad).
·    A range of verses can be exported to ScripturePad.
·    The verse can be entered in the Search Libraries Entry Box in Control Panel.
·    The verse from all Bibles can be exported to the MultiWindow.
·    Audio of the verse spoken can be heard by TTS or installed audio files.
·    Statistics of the verse, chapter, or book can be viewed in the MultiWindow.
·    The verse can be viewed in context in the MultiWindow.
·    Any Commentary Entries for the verse can be viewed.
·    The selected word Can be used as a search word in the Current Bible or all the Library Texts. The results will be displayed in the Results Display or the selected Library Text.
·    If the word is found as an entry of any of the loaded Library Resources, a Dictionary Topics menu item will be displayed for each hit.
·    The first mention of all words in the verse can be displayed in the current text.
·    Various word lists and statistics can be displayed in the MultiWindow
·    A "Word Cloud" of the current book or chapter can be displayed in the MultiWindow.
·    A word can be exported to the Concept Filter Terms list
·    A book or Chapter can be exported to the Concept Filter Verse List

If a range of text is selected, the Context Menu will treat that range as a single unit. For example, if born again is selected it can be used as the search criteria. Strong's Numbers, or a contiguous word and number, can be used as search criteria as well.

Right Click on Tab

When right-clicking on a Bible, Dictionary, or Commentary Tab, certain modukle options are available.


(Title) Module Information
Displays the Information Page for the Title.

Open Session Manager
Will open the Session Manager

Delete (Title) Tab
Will remove the tab. It will not delete the file. This is the same as unchecking the title in the Session Manager. The "Load All Modules" session cannot be selected to delete a tab. One of the editable sessions must be selected.

(Title) File Location
Will Show the full path of the Titles file