Audio Files
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Playing Text With Audio Files

To use pre-recorded audio files (Scourby, etc.), in Preferences/Audio Settings use the "Link Audio Files" Button to select the folder containing the files, and check the "Use Audio Files" button.

Multiple audio sets can be installed. Use the "Link Audio Files" Button to link each parent folder separately and then select the desired set in the "Linked Audio Groups" list.

If the files are on CDs or a DVD, it is best if the files/folders are copied to the computer hard drive under a common folder.

The audio files do not need to all be in one folder, only under one folder. Both sub-folders and files under a parent folder will be scanned for Bible audio files.

To hear the Bible read in the main Bible Panel, click the Speech Button in the main toolbar.
The verses will be highlighted as read and the page will scroll.

Timing data for several audio sets, including Alexander Scourby, is available from the Bible Analyzer Store for exact verse/audio synchronization. This will allow also make reading verse lists and search results possible. See MultiWindow for more information.

Without the timing data available from the Bible Analyzer Store, verse highlighting is calculated by approximation and can occasionally get out of synchronization. Verse highlighting can be turned off in Preferences.

Selecting Start/Stop Verses

If a reference is clicked in the Bible Tree, Commentary, Dictionary, Results, or Book page, or entered in the Quick Entry, verse reading will stop and the last verse read will become the current verse.

The Verse Read feature will start reading with the current reference when started. If the Continue Reading Next Chapter option is checked in Preferences, it will continue reading following chapters.

When reading is started within a chapter, in Audio Reading mode the speech may be slightly out of synchronization with the verse. This is normal with the variation of times in the various audio speakers and files. In TTS mode the speech will be in precise sync.