Image Viewer
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Incorporated into Bible Analyzer is an independent Image Viewer. When opened the viewer will be in a separate Window Frame from the main application.

To open the Bible Analyzer Image Viewer either:

·    Click the Image Icon in the Toolbar, or
·    Click Image Viewer under the Control Menu
·    Hit F4 on the keyboard

Once opened the Image Viewer will display on the left a Tree listing all the loaded image modules. Each Image group can be expanded to show all the available images.

The Tree can be hidden and shown by selecting Hide/Show Image Tree from the View Menu.


The Fit Side button will cause the image to be re-sized to the shortest side making scrolling only on one side necessary. Fit Side will up-size images that are smaller than the display window size.

The Fit All button will down-size the image to fit entirely in the display. Fit All will not up-size images.


An quick method of scrolling is to hold down the left mouse button while over an image and drag the mouse in the direction you wish to scroll. The cursor will change to a symbol resembling + to indicate when drag-scrolling is active.

Exporting and Printing

Exporting and printing of images is available from the Main Menu. The files are exported in either .gif or .jpg format, depending on the file type.

User Images

You can add you own .jpg and .gif images by placing them in the Modules/ folder or Modules/Image folder. They will be found under User Images in the Images Tree upon the next start.