Right-Click Context Menu
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The Right-Click or Context Menu of Bible Analyzer has shortcuts to several key features.

When right-clicking on an on a word in the Bible Panel certain menu options are available,

·    The selected verse can be exported to ScripturePad (S-Pad).
·    A range of verses can be exported to ScripturePad.
·    The verse can be entered in the Search Libraries Entry Box in Control Panel.
·    Statistics of the verse, chapter, or book can be viewed in the MultiWindow.
·    The verse can be viewed in context in the MultiWindow.
·    Any Commentary Entries for the verse can be viewed.

·    The selected word Can be used as a search word in the Current Bible or all the Library Texts. The results will be displayed in the Results Display or the selected Library Text.
·    If the word is found as an entry of any of the loaded Library Resources, a Dictionary Topics menu item will be displayed for each hit.
·    The first mention of all words in the verse can be displayed in the current text.
·    Various word lists and statistics can be displayed in the MultiWindow

If a range of text is selected, the Context Menu will treat that range as a single unit. For example, if born again is selected it can be used as the search criteria. Strong's Numbers, or a contiguous word and number, can be used as search criteria as well.