ScripturePad Word Processor
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This integrated, word processor allows the user to prepare lesson, sermon, or study notes from within Bible Analyzer. ScripturePad has the ability to open, save, and print .xml files (also .rtf files) and can receive exported verses or text selections from the right-click menu.

The first Tab of the Results Panel is always the ScripturePad and is titled S-Pad. It cannot be deleted like the other Results Panel Tabs.

When Bible Analyzer is first started, an initial screen will be displayed showing the current date and a notable quote. Press Ctrl+W (or use the ScripturePad Menu item) to clear the ScripturePad display.


ScripturePad can open and save .txt, rtf, and .xml files. Saving in the XML format will retain text formatting and is default. To open a saved file select Open File in the Main Menu or hit Ctrl+O. To save select Save File in the Main Menu, click the Save Button on the ScripturePad toolbar, or hit Ctrl+S.

ScripturePad can print to any installed printer by clicking the Print Button on the Toolbar or selecting Print from the Main Menu. Print Preview is also available in the Menu.

A + will show up in the Tab of ScripturePad (as shown) if it has unsaved data.


Text formatting tools such as bold, italic, underline, copy, paste, undo, font style, alignment, paragraph spacing, etc. are available from the Toolbar, the ScripturePad Menu in the Bible Analyzer Main Menu, and some in the Right-Click context menu.

ScripturePad will support text background highlighting and live verse references. To highlight select the desired text and hit the Highlight button in the toolbar. The highlight color can be changed in the ScripturePad Menu.

To make a reference live, select the text and click the Link Button in the Toolbar. Once the dialog pops up, enter the reference. The reference abbreviation must match the standard Bible Analyzer abbreviations (as in the Bible Tree i.e. Joh 3:16). Links to websites can also be entered and will be opened in the default browser.

The Link all References on Page Button will attempt to make links of all references on the page.

ScripturePad on Start

There is an option Preferences to display the last saved ScripturePad .xml file on start. This will over ride the quote and image options.

Right-Click Menu

Bible verses, verse ranges, and text selections can be directly exported from the other panels and windows into ScripturePad through a Right-Click Menu.

Exported verses or selections are also copied to the clipboard.