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The Download Manager will allow downloading and installation of free and premium modules directly into the default Bible Analyzer module folders. It is found under the new Modules/Module Download Manager menu in the Main Menu.

This feature makes installing modules into Bible Analyzer very easy regardless of the platform.


Downloading and Installing Free Titles

Downloading and installing free modules is a straightforward process,

·    Ensure the Free Toggle Button is selected in the upper left
·    Place the cursor over a title description to view more information about the title
·    Click the checkbox of any desired titles. Multiple titles can be selected
·    Click the Download Button to start download
·    Follow the prompts to install and load the titles

If the Ctrl key is down and a title row clicked, a new window will display the title information. The popups are disabled when the second window is open

Downloading and Installing Premium Titles

Installing Premium title is much the same as the free titles with a couple more necessary steps,

·    Ensure the Premium Toggle Button is selected in the upper left
·    Place the cursor over a title description to view brief information about the title
·    Double-click a row to view that title in the Bible Analyzer Store in your web browser
·    If a title is desired for purchase, place it in the Shopping Cart and complete checkout. A quick, one-time registration is required. Multiple titles can be ordered at once
·    Once an order is completed, return to the Download Manager and click the Sync Purchases Button in the left panel or select Modules/Download Purchased Modules from the Main Menu
·    Enter your Store email address and password in the appropriate boxes and follow the prompts to install and load


As in the image above, premium titles that have been purchased will have "Purchased" in the Price column. These can be checked and reinstalled as many times as needed. They do not expire. Premium titles not purchased cannot be checked for download.

Titles in a gray color are already installed but can be checked and reinstalled as needed.

Searching and Sorting Titles


Module titles can be searched by entering characters in the Search Box at the upper right of the Download Manager. The list will update as characters are typed. Clicking the X button within the Search Box will empty the box and rest the titles list.

Modules can be sorted by clicking a column heading such as Description, Price, Date, or Type. They are sorted by Type by default.

To find all your purchased titles, click the Price column. To find all the newest titles, click Date.

Quick Help
At the lower right corner there is a Quick Help button (?). Clicking it will open a help window.