Harmomy/Parallel Viewer
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The Harmony Display / Parallel Generator is a combination Text Viewer, Harmony Viewer, Topical Viewer, Table Generator, Module Creator, and more.


The Harmony Display / Parallel Generator features a new approach of viewing and studying the Scriptures. In addition to displaying easily created parallel modules (.pll), it can instantly generate parallel columns of text according to user input. For instance the Generator can:

·    Display easily created Harmony / Parallel (.pll) modules when a module and title is selected.

·    Instantly display a different Bible text when selected in the Bible Texts List.

·    Display consecutive and non-consecutive ranges of text in a single column. For example, Gen 3.15, 18-20, Psa 23, Isa 40.1-2, Jn 3.18-20, Rom 4.5 can be displayed by simply typing, or pasting, it in the Entry Box.

·    Adding the pipe symbol ( | ) between the references will cause them to be displayed in a separate column. Paste the following into the Entry to see the difference,

·    If a title is entered in the Title Entry Box the page will be saved in History and can be redisplayed by using the navigation buttons or "Hist" Drop-Down List.

History and Saving History as Modules

Manually entered references will be saved in the History (Hist button) if they are given a title. The History can be cycled with the two arrow buttons or a specific page displayed when selected from the list made when the Hist button is pressed.

If there are pages in the History when Bible Analyzer closes, the option will be given to save the pages as a new .pll Module or append an existing one. This way the user can easily create their own Harmony / Parallel modules!

Making PLL Modules Manually

PLL modules can easily be made using a basic text editor such as Notepad or Notepad++. Format the text as follows,

The first line must contain the title of the module. The remaining lines have the subject and the reference(s) separated by a tab. If the references are to be displayed in separate columns, the pipe symbol | must be inserted between them.

Below is an example of the Composite Gospel Index:

Composite Gospel Index
1: Jesus is the Word  John 1:1-5
2: God became a human beingJohn 1:10-18
20: John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus  Matthew 3:1-6|Mark 1:1-6|Luke 3:1-6

PLL files can be opened in any text editor to examine their layout.