Library Search
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The fourth Tab in the Master Control Panel is Library Search.


This search method searches for words or references in either Dictionary, Commentary, or Books instead of Bible Texts.

To search,

·    Select the Group to search, either Dictionary, Commentary, or Book
·    Select which titles in the group to search using the Select Group Titles Button
(By default only the current title in each group is checked)
·    Enter the word(s) or phrase in the entry box and click Search or hit Enter.

In a couple seconds the search results will display in the Control Panel Display in a form similar to the Bible Tree. The Library Module title(s) will display in bold and clicking the + beside the title will expand the tree to reveal the entries that contain the word.

To view a search hit simply, click on an entry and the hit will display in the selected Library with the all instances of the search word highlighted in dark red bold (Grace). Bible Analyzer will scroll to the first hit.

The length of time of the search using All Texts is proportional to the number of Library modules loaded and their size. Depending on the speed of the computer, searching All Texts may take a few seconds.

Right Click Menu

An alternative method of searching the Library is to Right-Click on a Bible word in the Bible Window Pane and select Search for "word" in Library Texts in the menu. Bible Analyzer will open the Master Control Panel (if not open), and insert the word in the Entry Box. The user need only select any desired options and click Search.