Reference Panel
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The Reference Panel is by default located to the right of the Bible Panel. It contains two tabs as seen below:

The Reference Panel can be resized by dragging the dividing sash.

Module Library Index Tab

The first tab, IDX, displays all the loaded module titles that contain the current reference (Here, Gal 2:1).

When the cursor is placed over a title a popup will display the topics that contain the reference. The topics can be accessed by expanding the Reference Tree node with a double click or by pressing the + sign beside the title name.

Once expanded the topics are visible. When the cursor is over a topic a popup will display a snippet from the text showing the reference in context as seen below:


Clicking the topic will cause the data to display in the appropriate display.

The Dct, Cmt, and Bk buttons near the top allow the selection of the individual module groups for display. The colors of the titles will indicate which group they are in.

Green = Dictionaries
Blue = Commentaries
Brown = Books

The Span Reference Button will cause the hits to include reference spans that contain the verse. For instance, if Rom 4:5 is the current verse the Reference Tree will indicate a hit if that verse is within the range Rom 4:3-7, since it includes vs. 5.

To increase the number of relevent hits, the Span Reference feature will only indicate a hit if the verse is within a 5 verse span.

The Expand Ref. Tree Button will expand/contract all the nodes of the tree.

Performance Costs using Library Reference Index

If many modules are loaded or the users computer system is older, a delay may be noticed when selecting verses in the Bible Tree, Bible Panel or by other means. This is because Bible Analyzer must search the index lists for the current verse to gather the hits to display on the Reference Tree.


·    Use Session Manager to only load a moderate amount of modules. The delay will be much less noticable.
·    Hide the Reference Panel (Alt+R, or button top-right of Bible Panel). When the panel is hidden the index searches are not performed. When it is reopened it will search for the current verse.
·    Decrease the number of Module Groups searched by toggling "off" one or more of the group buttons.

Bible Theme Index Tab

The middle tab in the Reference Panel is the DBT Tab. This tab will display every theme found in the premium module called The Dictionary of Bible Themes for the current verse.

The Dictionary of Bible Themes module categorizes every verse of the Bible into one or more relevant themes or categories. When the cursor is over a theme number, a popup will give a preview. When clicked, the entire theme entry will be displayed in the Dictionary Panel.

For more information on the value of the The Dictionary of Bible Themes, see this Youtube video,


Bible Cross-Reference Tab

The Cross-Reference Display under the Cross Tab will display the cross-references from the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Enhanced (available for free by download) for the current verse, simulating a printed Bible.

When the cursor is placed over a reference the verse will display in a popup. When clicked, it will become the current verse and update the Bible Panel.