Viewing Dictionary Texts
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Working With Dictionaries

The Dictionaries are navigated by Tabs very much like the Bibles. To view a specific Topic either select a Topic from the Topic List, or begin typing in the Topic Entry and the Topic List will scroll with each character. Either Left-Click the selection in the Topic List or press the Enter key and the Definition will display.

A Yellow tab highlight is displayed in the Dictionary Tab(s) when the selected entry is found in  that module. To view the entry, click the Tab.  The selected Dictionary module will show the selected entry.

Any of the underlined references in any Dictionary Panel will show a pop-up of the verse when the mouse cursor is placed over the reference. Also, a left-click on the reference will cause that verse to be displayed in context in the Bible Window. 


The Drop-down Arrow will display a list of all the loaded Dictionary modules even if some of the Tabs are hidden.  (See image below). The titles in Dark Red show the current entry is in that title.


The Toolbar Buttons on the Dictionary Panel from left to right are:

·    History Back
Go back to previously viewed pages

·    History Forward
Return Forward to previously viewed pages

·    Search Current Dictionary
Search the current dictionary in the Library Search tab in Master Control Panel

·    Link to Word (Toggle)
Allow Left-Click on a word in any Panel to search for Topics in all Dictionaries. Any dictionary with the topic will have a green icon in its tab area, as seen in the image above.The topic will display in Default Dictionary selected in

·    Export Page To MultiWindow
This will export the current page to the MultiWindow where it can be saved for future use.

·    Preview Dictionaries With Topic in MultiWindow
This will create a page in the MultiWindow with all the dictionaries that have an entry of the current topic. On mouseover each title will show a preview of the entry.


·    Set As Default Dictionary
Will set the current dictionary as the default Dictionary. It is the same as setting the default dictionary in Preferences.

·    "Read" Page With Text-To-Speech
Will "read" the page using the system Text-To-Speech engine. See Preferences for options. If a selection is made it will read the selection only.

·    Quick Help
Will show a page of the most common functions of the Dictionary Panel.

·    Previous Topic
Display the immediately previous Topic in this dictionary

·    Next Topic
Display the immediately next Topic in this dictionary

·    Topic Entry Filter
Typing in the entry will filter all the dictionaries topics according to the terms entered. Clicking the dropdown arrow will display all the topics in a list.


View Dictionary Definitions

To view the definition of a word in any of the other Panels (such as the Bible Panel) merely Left-Click on a word and its definition from the default dictionary will be displayed. The option is available to view the definition in the MultiWindow also.

The definition can optionally be displayed in the main Dictionary Window by making a change in Preferences.

When a word is left-clicked it will be looked up in the default dictionary. With the Alt key down, the word will be looked up in the current dictionary.

Dictionary Modules

According to the modules installed, Bible Analyzer will display each of them under its own Tab heading. To view the contents of a module click the Tab and either

·    Select an entry from the Topics list on the right
·    Begin typing a word in the Topics Entry Box above the list (The list will scroll as you type making selection easier)
·    Left-Click on a word under any Bible Window (left pane)

 Once your selection is made the contents of the Dictionary module will be displayed.

Right-Click Menu

Right-clicking on a reference or word will bring up a menu. See Right-Click Menu for details.

Popup Preview

If the Ctrl key is held down and the cursor is placed over a tab name in the Dictionary Panel, a popup will display a preview of the current topic or word. In the image below the Kitto Dictionary is current and the cursor is over the Easton tab with the Ctrl key held down.