User Notes & Commentary
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This editor allow the user to add notes and comments synced to any specific Bible Verse, Chapter, or Book.

The first Tab of the Commentary Panel is always the User Notes & Commentary and is titled Notes.


Notes Usage

To add notes or commentary to a reference, select the verse, chapter, or book desired in the Bible Panel and ensure the reference desired is displayed in the Titlebar Caption (Romans 4:5 in image). Then enter the notes in the editor window. Common text formatting tools such as bold, italic, font style, alignment, etc. are available.

The input is saved automatically to notes.usr in the Bible Analyzer User folder when another reference is selected or Bible Analyzer is closed. To edit or delete any existing note simply edit it in place or delete the text and the updated display will be saved as above.

The User Notes & Commentary is flagged like the other commentaries with a Blue-Book Icon (as pictured) when it contains the selected reference.

Sync Button

The Notes Sync Button when ON causes the Notes Editor to update whenever the Current Reference is changed. If you would like to change Bible references an remain editing notes under a previous reference, turn the Button OFF. The Editor will remain synced to the reference at hand. Clicking it ON will update it to the Current Reference in the Bible Panel.

Reference Entry

The Reference Entry will display a list of all references that have notes. Selecting an entry will load its notes and make it the Current Notes Reference.

Multiple Notes Sessions

Multiple notes sessions can be created. That is, the user can create completely independent Notes sessions that can be easily switched.

The first button on the Toolbar will allow creation and loading of Notes Sessions.

The current Notes Session can be searched for a string of text by clicking the Search Button.

Exporting Notes

All notes in a session can be exported to a file ready to convert into a Commentary Module. In the Bible Analyzer Main Menu select Tools/Export User Notes To A File and follow the prompts.

Formatting, Live References, Custom Links

The Notes Editor will has basic text formatting features accessed from the Toolbar.

To make all references on a page live (reference displays in a popup on mouseover), click the Link all References on Page Button. It will attempt to make links of all references on the page.

Custom links can also be made like those in ScripturePad.