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The MultiWindow is a powerful and convenient window that can display exported pages, AV-Strong Index data, and much more. The Manage button allows the pages to be Merged, Copied, Searched, and Saved/Loaded.

The MultiWindow can be opened by clicking the icon on the toolbar or pressing the F10 key.


AV-Strong Index

The MultiWindow displays the results of a AV-Strong word index search. When a word found in the Authorized Version is entered in the Entry at the top-right of the MultiWindow or selected in the Right-Click Context Menu, the MultiWindow will display every reference in which the word/phrase is found under each Strong's Hebrew/Greek (Number) topic.

The Strong's Hebrew and Greek Dictionary w/TVM, plus AV Occurences module must be installed before the AV-Strong Index will function. See for more details.

For instance, if the word grace is entered, the display header will show:

AV-Strong Index for grace
170 Instance(s), 4 Topic(s)

indicating there are 170 instances of the word grace under 4 different topics or Strong's Numbers (Hebrew/Greek words). That is, the English word grace is used to translate 4 different Hebrew/Greek words.

The rest of the display will show each topic (number), the Strong's original word definition, the word or phrase the word is found in, and each reference that contains the word.

The AV-Strong Index display is filtered to show only the instances of the Hebrew/Greek word (Strong's Number) that contain the search word(s). If the user wishes to see the complete list of words used to translate the original word (and the references), clicking on the Strong's Number at the beginning of the section (H2580 in image) will cause the complete list to display in the dictionary window.

Generate CSV File

At the top of each AV/Strong's Index display there is a link Generate AV/Strong CSV Spreadsheet. When clicked a dialog will be displayed with options as in this image,


When the Generate Button is clicked a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file will be generated with the selected parameters. The file will be saved in the user's ~/Documents/Bible Analyzer User Modules folder.

Once opened with spreadsheet software (such as Excel or Libre Office Calc) the data can be sorted, filtered, edited, and otherwise manipulated. The image below reflects the settings above displayed in Calc.


Page History

The MultiWindow saves all loaded/imported pages in a history. The history can be cycled by clicking the arrows or a certain page can be selected from the list generated when clicking the Pages button.

The Page History make the MultiWindow very powerful for collecting pages and data for a study session. All the pages are in one convenient place for easy access allowing the other Bible Analyzer Panels to be changed.

Manage Button


The Manage Button open a Pages Management Dialog from which several actions on the MultiWindow pages can be performed.

·    Merge
Checked pages can be merged or combined together into one new page.

·    Copy
Checked pages will be merged in memory and copied to the clipboard.

·    Delete
Checked pages will be deleted from the Page History.

·    Save
All pages (checked and unchecked) will be saved to file.

·    Load
Will load any previously saved page file.

·    Find
Will search all pages in History for a word or phrase and indicate hits with blue highlighting.

Audio Buttons

The MultiWindow can play verse synced Bible audio files (such as Scourby, etc.) if the audio timing indexes exist and are installed for the specific files. Any page that has linked verse references can read in sequence if the timing data is installed. (See the Bible Analyzer Store for information on how to acquire the timing data.)

If audio files or timing data is not available, the system Text To Speech engine will be used for playback.

To play the audio beginning with the first reference simply click the Play Button. The audio will play synced with the verse and a yellow highlight will signify the current playing reference. Click the Stop Button to stop the audio. Once stopped and restarted the audio will continue where it left off.

To start playing within the page, click a reference and it will be highlighted and the audio will start from that point.

If you wish to make a reference in the MultiWindow the Current Reference in the main Bible Panel, hold the Control key on click.

Right-Click Menu

Some of the features of the Right-Click context menu will also display their output to the MultiWindow. Such as,

AV-Strong Index
View Verse Context in MW
View References in MW
Statistics in MultiWindow
Book/Chapter/Verse Word Lists
First Mention of Words in Verse