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Bible Analyzer Bible Study Application
with the Following Modules,

        With These Complete Modules
  • Authorized King James Version (Bible)
  • American Tract Society Bible Dictionary (Dictionary)
  • Torrey's Topical Textbook (Dictionary)
  • Peoples New Testament (Commentary)
  • Scofield Bible Notes (Commentary)
  • Scofield Bible Index (Dictionary)
  • FB Meyer (Devotion)
  • 10+ Books and Articles
  • 10 High-Quality Old-Fashioned Hymns (Midi)
  • Four Parallel/Harmony Modules
          PLUS These Samples of Premium Modules
  • Companion Bible Notes (Notes from Titus)
  • Companion Bible Appendices (Appendices 1-10)
  • Pulpit Commentary (Notes from Titus)
  • Understanding The Bible Commentary (Notes from Titus)
  • Larkin's Book, Dispensational Truth Book (First Three Chapters, with charts)

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Bible Analyzer
is a free, comprehensive Bible study and analysis application developed to aid Believers in their study and defense of the Holy Bible. It has several features (such as text comparison, proximity searches, detailed statistics, etc.) usually not found in other free or commercial Bible software programs.

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"Seek Ye out of the book of the LORD and read:" (Isa. 34:16)

"Seek Ye out of the book of the LORD and read:" (Isa. 34:16)