Bible Texts
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Working With Bible Texts

Once a text is selected from the Bible Tree, from clicking a reference in a Dictionary Text or Commentary Text, or selecting one from the Verse History List, it is displayed in the Bible Panel.


Dedicated Bible Cross-Reference Panel

The Bible Window is made of of two sections, the Bible Display Panel and the Dedicated Cross-Reference Panel. The Cross-Reference Panel can be hidden by clicking the Hide/Show Button. The Cross-Reference Panel will display the cross-references from the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge for the current verse, simulating a printed Bible.

The Cross-Reference Panel can be resized by dragging the dividing sash.

Bible Display Panel

At the top of the Bible Window are Tabs representing all of the loaded Bible Modules. The Authorized Version (AV) is default, but clicking a different Tab will result in the current chapter being displayed in that text.

The Drop-down Arrow on the right will display a list of all the loaded modules even if some of the Tabs are hidden.

The Toolbar Buttons on the Bible Panel from left to right are:

·    Print Preview/Print
Shows how the current Bible chapter would be printed.

·    Dual View
Will allow two Bible texts (or different sections of the same text) to be viewed independently. When clicked the
Master Control Panel will open and the Dual Texts View Tab will be selected.

For more information see
Dual View under Master Control Panel.

·    Previous Book
Switch to previous Bible book

·    Next Book
Switch to next Bible book

·    Previous Chapter (F7)
Show previous Bible chapter

·    Next Chapter (F8)
Show next Bible chapter

·    Previous Verse (F5)
Select previous Bible verse

·    Next Verse (F6)
Select next Bible verse

·    Export Page
Will export or clone the contents of the page to the MultiWindow

·    Hide/Show Interlinear Text
Toggle Interlinear text in non-English Bibles so equipped

·    Hide/Show Strong's Numbers
Toggle Strong's Numbers in Bibles so equipped

·    Hide/Show Cross-Reference Panel
Toggle Viewing the Cross-Reference Panel

Current Reference

To select a verse, making it the Current Reference, simply click anywhere within the verse text and it will show as the current verse with a shaded background. As shown above, the currently selected verse (Heb. 1:1) is shaded.

Parallel View

The last Tab in the list of Bible modules is always the Parallel Tab. When this tab is selected, the texts of all Bibles will be placed in a parallel table with verse alignment. The AV text will always be in the first columm.

Click Actions

·     A left click on the teal verse number (1,) at the beginning of a verse in the Bible Window will search the commentaries for that verse comment and display the default commentary.

·     Left clicking on a word will search the dictionary topics for the word and display the default dictionary and search the commentaries for that verse comment.

·     As an alternative, if the Ctrl key is held down when clicking anywhere in a verse, only the commentary results will be displayed (The same result as clicking the verse number). There will NOT be a dictionary lookup for the text under the cursor.. 

·     The actions are the same if the MultiWindow is used.

The Sync Buttons in the Commentary and Dictionary Windows can be toggled on/off to allow/disallow the corresponding window to update on a Bible click.

Bible Window Expanded

If the Bible Window is expanded (Alt+B), and if the Use MultiWindow When Bible is Expanded option is checked, any left clicks will display the results in the MultiWindow, even if the normal Use MultiWindow options are unchecked. This allows the user to only use the MultiWindow when the Bible is expanded and the standard windows when not expanded.

Strong's Numbers and Definitions

If you have the Authorized Version 1769, w/Strong's (or another Bible with Strong's), and the Strong's Dictionary of Hebrew and Greek Words modules loaded (available with the Bible Analyzer Suite CD-Rom), Strong's numbers will be displayed beside the corresponding word(s).

Placing the cursor over a number will cause a pop-up to be displayed showing Strong's Definition for that word. If the number is left-clicked, the definition will be selected in the Strong's Dictionary (and other resources that use Strong's Numbers) in the Dictionary Window

When a word is left-clicked it will be looked up in the default dictionary. With the Alt key down, the word will be looked up in the current dictionary.

Right-Click Menu

Right-clicking on a reference or word will bring up a menu. See Right-Click Menu for details.

Right-click on the verse number to have verse options or on a word to have word options. (Viewing the right-click menu with Crtl key down is not possible)