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The MultiWindow is a small (though it can be resized), convenient window that can display various results, texts, and data.

The MultiWindow will automatically display Commentary and/or Dictionary data when set to do so in Preferences. It is also used for exported pages and statistical data, and word lists from the right-click menu.



The MultiWindow saves all exported pages in a history. There is an option in Preferences to save all displayed pages. The history can be cycled by clicking the arrows or a certain page can be selected from the list generated when clicking the H button.

Dictionary/Commentary Alternate Viewer

If the option is selected in Preferences, the user can have a Left-Click on an underlined reference result in the default Commentary Text for that verse displaying in the MultiWindow (as shown above). The default Dictionary Text can be displayed if a word is Left-Clicked.

If a verse is left-clicked in the Bible Panel, the definition of the word under the cursor will be displayed in the MultiWindow. If the Ctrl key is down when the verse is clicked, the default commentary for the verse will be displayed.

The two arrow buttons near the top will select the Previous and Next resource that list the verse or word. They will cycle seamlessly through all the flagged resources. The Key button will restore the MultiWindow to the Default or Key resource.

If the Use MultiWindow when Bible is Expanded option is checked in Preferences, even if the normal use MultiWindow option is unchecked, when the Bible Window is expanded the MultiWindow will display the output.


If a word list is displayed, the words can be exported to the Related Verse Search feature in the Master Control Panel

Right-Click Menu

Some of the features of the Right-Click context menu will also display their output to the MultiWindow. Such as,

View Verse Context in MW
View References in MW
Statistics in MultiWindow
Book/Chapter/Verse Word Lists
First Mention of Words in verse