Word/Strong's Indication
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Matching words and Strong's Numbers (in Strong's enabled Bibles) can be viewed in the Bible Panel and MultiWindow.

Word Indication
All Bibles have the capability of Word Indication. When the Alt key is down and the cursor is placed over a word in the Bible panel, green word highlighting will indicate all matching words in the chapter as in the image below.


Here the cursor is over Lord, and all instances of Lord are highlighted.

This works for any displayed text, including visible Strong's numbers in any form, such as as numbers, original words or transliterated words.

Word Matching Using Strong's Data
When a Strong's enabled Bible is displayed and the Strong's setting is is set to Strong's Active But Not Visible, as in this image,


word indication will be by the underlying Strong's number instead of the visible word. This feature will display all the word(s) that are translated from the original word linked to the Strong's Number with blue highlighting.

If Dual View is enabled and both Bibles are Strong's enabled the highlighting will indicate the associated words in both Bibles regardless of language. The cursor can be over a word in either Bible for the highlighting to work. In the image below it is over the word "brethren."


Mutual Bible highlighting is also available for all Bibles when the Parallel tab is selected in the Bible panel.

If Export Verse From All Bibles To MultiWindow is selected in the right-click Context Menu and Strong's Active But Not Visible is selected in the Strong's dropdown, Mutual Highlighting will occur in the MultiWindow as well when the Alt key is down on mouseover.

If the cursor is over a non Strong's enables text, the highlighting will be word based and green in color. If it is over a Strong's enabled text, it will be Strong's based and blue in color as in the example below.