Quick Start of Bible Analyzer
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Bible Analyzer was designed to be simple to use and easy to navigate. Below is an overview of some of Bible Analyzer's major components in its main window:

Most screen shots in this help file are of the Microsoft Windows 7 Edition. The Linux/Ubuntu version has slightly different appearance, however the functionality of Bible Analyzer is much the same.



1. The Menubar and Toolbar

The Icons on the Toolbars are as follows starting from the left:

Viewer Toolbar
·    Open Daily Journal/Devotional
·    Toggle Audio/Quiz Panel
·    Toggle Harmony/Parallel Viewer
·    Open Book/Article Viewer
·    Open Image Viewer
·    Toggle MultiWindow

Help Toolbar
·    Speak/Stop Current Text
·    Open Preferences Dialog
·    Open User Manual

Button Toolbar
·    MultiButton Control
·    Toggle Master Control Panel

Message Toolbar
The left side of the Message Toolbar area also contains a place for customizable text. (See Customize).

For Menu descriptions see Main Menu.

2. The Bible Tree

To select a Bible chapter to display, select it from the Bible Tree

3. The Bible Panel

Bible chapters selected from the Bible Tree display in the Bible Panel.  It contains all loaded Bible Modules. To view a different Bible text Click, the appropriate tab near the top. Also, the Dedicated Cross-Reference Panel is within the Bible Panel.

4. The Results Panel

Along with ScripturePad and the Books Display, most user initiated actions, such as search results, comparison results, statistic results, etc., display in the Results Panel.

5. The Commentary and Dictionary Panel Stacked

These panel are by default stacked for efficient use of space. They can be separated into separate panels by selecting an option under the Layout button.

All loaded commentary modules display in the Commentary Panel. To view a different commentary text, Click the appropriate tab near the top.

The Dictionary Panel contains all loaded dictionary Modules. To view a different dictionary text, Click the appropriate tab near the top.

6. The Reference Panel

The Reference Panel is joined to the Bible Panel and displays data linked to the current verse. It contains three tabs,

·    The Verse Index Tab (IDX) which displays every module that contains the current verse.
·    The DBT Tab which display the index to the optional Dictionary of Bible Themes.
·    The TSKe Tab which displays cross-references for the current reference from the freely obtained Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Enhanced.

7. The Quick Find Entry

Quick Search allows a reference or search word (or phrase) to be entered for a basic search without opening Master Control Panel. If a reference is entered, it will display in the Bible Window. if a search word is entered, the search results will display in the Results Window.

A Suggestion Menu will popup with Bible references and/or word for convenient selection.

8. Verse Popup

When the cursor is placed over an underlined reference, the verse will be displayed in a pop-up. Pop-up color and range can be changed in Preferences.

The Master Control Panel

Most of the advanced features of Bible Analyzer are accessed in the Master Control Panel (F2). This control has several tabbed Panels for various functions of Bible Analyzer.

For details on each of the Master Control Panel functions, click the appropriate item on the left under the Master Control Panel Menu.